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January 28, 2006


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Bill Brabant

Jeff, you're a beast. You make these attempts sound like failures. Do you realize that less than 1% of the population cannot do what you do? You're awesome! Later, Bill


Hi I am 54 years og age and would love to compete in an ironman before I get much older. Thwe Bussleton ironman in WA has really grabbed my attention. How do you qulaify for this event?

I swim run and cycle each week and this would be a challenge I would like to attempt before doing the Great Wall of China marathon in 2009. Anmy inforamtion would be greatly appreciated.

Kerrie Smith

Jeff, reading this made me laugh! I raced out there alongside you somewhere in Busso 05, that being my first IM and with the conditions as they were (worst ever in history of West Aust IM events) and the 'S' word being thrown around so loosely I was worried about either being washed away or being the 'S' words breakfast! Very memorable. Went back for more, raced Busso IM 06 and will again this year 07 so couldnt have scarred me too much! :)

Richard (Car Hire) R.


I give you all the credit in the world. I'm 36 and have run a couple of marathons in my life, but never attempted an ironman.

You're an inspriation....




how do you do this without training??? this just sounds impossible!! you are probably really talented. i bet if you stop hacking for a while and actually "train" you'll beat macca and all those pros!!!!!!!

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