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March 16, 2006


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Stephanie Heuer

It is good to see that people at the devleopmental level and creation level are actually thinking about the implications to human rights and privacy. Recently, because I passed at the airport with an Arabic letter from a 'sister' in an organzation in Iraq, I wonder who's lists I'm on, considering it was taken without my knowledge. Who is correlating whom for what, and when, down the line. I agree with the comment that changing how societies feel about us, might be a better strategy to real protection, rather than simply connecting allot of dots, and there are allot of dots.

Vincent McBurney

Your product is currently branded as DB2 Entity Analytic Solutions, even though it works with other data sources. Is there a plan to move this and LAS out of the DB2 brand into something more open such as WebSphere? I have done a lot of work with WebSphere II DataStage and QualityStage for fuzzy name matching. It would be great to also access Entity Analytics and LAS functions from the WebSphere II products.

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