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June 08, 2006


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Mark Cathcart

Well your cab driver will be out of luck soon, they will be calculating average speeds based on automatic number plate recognitrion, they already do that on a couple of sections of the M4.

The UK is a police state, big brother has arrived, the UK Government wouldn't get caught requesting details of individuals telephone calls as the US Government has, its been the norm there for years.

As you suggest, these are just a tax on these who are just normal people who forget and get caught up with speed on a motorway, meanwhile it allows the government to abidicate their responsibility to catch real criminals and those drive dangerously!systems punsih those who


There is always a way to "game the system" huh.

Don't need to be a super spy. just a taxi guy. But then again, they're the most experienced on the road.

As for the sharks, that's crazy. Totslly crazy.

...but i enjoy reading about it : )

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