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November 13, 2006


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Michael Sullivan

Jeff, congratulations on completing the Silverman. Finishing in the top half is a great accomplishment, expecially in such difficult conditions. I ran my first marathon last year...I can't imagine doing the swim and cycling on top of that.

ricky J. Fico

"An idea is nothing but a mere abstraction of a concrete undertaking." Ricky J. Fico

"Worry not, the I.Q. will always find a way to peddle its own race and more often than not, overcome the most strenuous of exercises." Ricky J. Fico

Thomas Miner

Hey Jeff,
My name is Thomas Miner, and I am the guy who you assumed was lost during the Marathon. I was randomly searching for info about the race and I ran across your article. Typically I wouldn't read random articles by people that I don't know, however yours caught my attention. Then when I started to read the part about the wrong turn, I started cracking up, because I realized it was me. I thought there was something wrong when I saw you make that turn, but at the same time I thought to myself, "maybe we go that way after the turn around?" So, don't feel too bad, because although I was not physically lost, I was definetly in another world mentally. This was my first attempt at an Ironman, and I had only been training for about 9 months, so THE MOST GRUELING COURSE IN THE U.S. came as quite a shock to me!!! Anyway, it's over, I have a finishing medal, and if I forget how bad it hurt within the next couple of weeks, I might register for next year. Well, I wish you the best in all of your future endevours, and maybe I will run into again sometime.


Hello, Jeff:

Loved your commentary on last year's Silverman. I am thinking about doing the Silverman in several weeks. Why? Because yesterday I did started the Clermont Florida Iron Distance Race and my bike tore up at mile 105. So....I am not totally whipped because of did not do the run. I want to do an Iron before year end.

Your story was funny. Give me a baseline, Jeff. What type of Iron or marathon times do you do on an average course? If you are a 9 hour iron guy and Silverman spanked you with 14 hours, then I am not a candidate !
At Clermont, I did the swim in 1:08, averaged 18.5 on the bike and felt fine. So do I jump in and do the Silverman or what?

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