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January 21, 2007


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Jim Harper

Here's the definition of data mining used in the Federal Agency Data Mining Reporting Act, as introduced by Senator Feingold (D-WI):

"(1) DATA MINING- The term 'data mining' means a query, search, or other analysis of 1 or more electronic databases, where--

"(A) a department or agency of the Federal Government, or a non-Federal entity acting on behalf of the Federal Government, is conducting the query, search, or other analysis to discover or locate a predictive pattern or anomaly indicative of terrorist or criminal activity on the part of any individual or individuals; and

"(B) the query, search, or other analysis does not use personal identifiers of a specific individual, or inputs associated with a specific individual or group of individuals, to retrieve information from the database or databases."

I think it's pretty well tailored to what we wrote about (with the inclusion of anomaly - which is deviation from patterns and so a form of pattern-based searching itself).


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