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January 14, 2007


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> Don’t think of a pink elephant!

Or even worse... a dead one!

I wonder how a specific "murder scene" relates to the thousands we have seen in movies and on TV? Would a fan of CSI be more likely to have a false P.300? Do we really know how visual memory works?

Stephen Taylor

"Big Brother in the form of an increasingly powerful government and in an increasingly powerful private sector will pile the records high with reasons why privacy should give way to national security, to law
and order, to efficiency of operation, to scientific advancement and the like."
Justice William O. Douglas
Source: Points of Rebellion, 1969

Seems to me that P300 is a self-incrimination.


hi.i would like to know about the P300 BRAIN FINGERPRINTING. please send me some articles if u have wit u.


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