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February 19, 2007


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James Taylor

The other consideration here is to pass analytic insight around instead of data. This has been the basis for the scoring industry for years but sometimes companies could do this for themselves.
That said, I do agree that anonymizing is going to become a best practice sooner rather than later.

Dan Sickles

It's particularly interesting when the aggregator provides anonymized analytics to the bank's customer, not the bank:


IMHO the name you've started out with for this technology, 'Anonymization,' is way too wonky to be understood as valuable by Joe Average User.

Anonymity is a term that is loaded with all kinds of associations, some of them negative. Better to use a simple descriptive term or phrase. Something like "Personal Protection Layer," while vague, at least is clearly positive and presents itself as something unambiguously beneficial. Or maybe "Privacy Protection System."

You may be able to come up with something better than these. Improving on "Anonymizing Technology" should be easy.

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