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March 15, 2007


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There is another aspect to enterprise amnesia - the loss of know-how when people leave or retire. I blogged about a great example of this ( but with the impending retirement of the baby boomers this is going to become a critical issue for companies.

Lasalle Gebbie

Classic case of enterprise amnesia on the part of St John ambulance in New Zealand. It was recently reported in the NZ Herald
that a grieving mother received a demand for payment for two ambulance rides taken by her son only days after he passed away.

The St John computer system failed to pick up a change of address after a number of moves by the son, and therefore notify Baycorp [credit and debt recovery agency] that he had died. "We didn't connect they were the same person, so neither of us knew he had died."

I took the liberty of forwarding St John this link and urged someone to take the time to read the article and/or contact you.

I have received a response advising my email had been forwarded to their Corporate Services department for consideration.

CPR Techniques for Babies and Children

Wow, I’ve heard of Enterprise Amnesia and didn’t think much of it considering issues usually tend to be minor, but placing an infant in the care of and uncle who has known violent behavior and then beating the infant to death is unforgivable...

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