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March 06, 2007


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Mark Cathcart

Nice one Jeff, I couldn't use that training plan for an Olympic distance race. Super human ?

Thomas Otter

any chance of you being in France in July?

Your training programme is really impressive. Imagine if you had one.

big al

It is beginning to seem less "simply anecdotal" and more real to me that mental power plays a greater than presumed role in athletic endurance and performance that we might believe. My own marathon experiences suggest this; many other racers with whom I've talked report this, too. Little to no training, and then a near-PR experience on race is this possible if not some form of experience and intution about how we SHOULD perform?

Oh, and by the way...pedaling. Not peddling. Unless you were selling the bike.... are you??? : )

robbie a

outstanding - I love the zero training plan! It is going to hurt ANYWAY so why train? Training is just spreading the pain over time. I am using this plan for my IM Louisville attempt this summer. thanks for vaildating my plan.


Jeff, thanks for the detail experience story in the New Zealand track. The ozone layer is pretty much damage over in this side of the globe. We in Australia are seriously educating the next generation with "slip slop slap" campaign: "slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, and slap on a hat" recently a primary school even provided sunglasses for kids doing outdoor activities...I am looking forward to the Bonita Ironman New Zealand Taupo March 2008.



It's very beautifully.


That is awesome - I just googled 'ironman on no training' as our next race is pending, 8 days to go..... Great read, sounds like I need another glass of wine, I'll drink to that!


Hi Jeff,

As my wife has mentioned you are an inspiration! We knew there must be more people out there with a philosophy very similar to ours.

"Why train today when I can train tomorrow" is a gem and one in our arsenal that is frequently used.

Despite all this we still love the sport and are much more suited to slogging out these long events. No matter what, it is a rewarding achievement crossing that line. Life feels richer for it.

I was reading your blog to my mate Chris who turns out to be your pilot that day! He remembers it well!

Crazy small world.

Hope all is well.


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