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April 26, 2007


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Jim Harper

Huh. Sounds distinctly like a way to defeat people's attempts to remain obscure to corporations and governments. I'm not in love.

Bruce Wallace

There is a trick you are missing that I wrote about in my blog entries here...

The point in those entries was that Philosophy of Language points out that resolving different "names" of a single entity to the correct single entity is not sufficient.

Different names may well refer to different aspects of the same entity that are not interchangeable.

E.G. Superman and Clark Kent both resolve to the same single physical entity, but attributes of Clark Kent (e.g. work address, favorite suit, needs glasses) have different values than the corresponding attributes of Superman. [Different names for different aspects.]

E.G. Shakespeare-the-historical-figure might not always be considered the same entity as Shakespeare-the-author-of-Hamlet. [Same name (Shakespeare) for different aspects *which might not even be recognized as separate aspects at the time the original "data" is collected*.]

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