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July 26, 2007


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Vincent McBurney

Great post! I'm speaking at IoD 2007 and these are handy tips. I think blogging helps you become a better presenter - some bloggers are always trying to find ways to make content interesting for readers, talking conversationally and trying to inform and entertain. "Crank Up the Signal" is something we do with headlines and post themes.

Of course writing for an invisible audience is a lot easier than talking a room full of people.

Ben Wilde

Jeff - great insights. Being a fan of "You don't know Dick" I'd like to see Hardt vs. Jonas head-to-head, that would be most entertaining.

I do think however you need to work on your pig / sausage drawing technique. Frankly it looks a hell of a lot like a dog right now ;-) which could get you in trouble in certain cultures (although perfectly acceptable in others).


Jeff, that was a great write up that I found very helpful (it is good knowing how you do it, but one tip you left out is that if you give a powerpoint you should include drawings of sharks with lasers on their heads). I'm still getting comments from folks about your presentation at the DoDIIS conference in Chicago. You were the greatest of a great lineup and left a mark on everyone in the event.

Cheers, Bob

Public Speaking Formula

Jeff nice tips mate! Expanding on your venue point, I think its also wise to visit the place and practice on that particular stage you will perform. But otherwise great help!

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