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August 08, 2007


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Sean B.

Very interesting post Jeff. I suspect that most I.T. organizations don't realize the storage overhead involved as the number of copies grows exponentially.

A few years back it seemed like EII and the related technologies in federated queries, xquery, etc. were going to address having to make multiple copies of the source data, but it seems like the hype didn't match the capabilities at the time and I haven't heard much lately.

Do you think perpetual analytics and persistent context could be used on top of an EII architecture? Would this address the data duplication issues?

JP Harris

This is some great work on your part. What's interesting to me is that many of the issues you are raising also exist in the world of unstructured content, ECM. Same set of problems but with a slightly different solution set. Thanks, JP.

Douglas Schwartz

Sounds like a system to keep the hard drive and storage device people in business forever. i wonder how many copies this reply will generate.

Aghilmort Tromlihga

And then there's all these extra copies @ the wayback machine (*/

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