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August 09, 2007


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Man are you ever FOCUSED!

So here's counter
Decade two ago I get off flight, Detroit.
Need to find the head pretty bad, and catch the first one, suitbag and briefcase... don't pay attention to the signage

Notice the bench, no standup's but grab a stall.

Then hear the click of high heels

Mark Cathcart

How funny, we've all been there or worse. I did the same thing at the Sheraton in Brussels. Half asleep one morning, I pulled on my levis, walked down the hall with nothing else on, to get a soda. Door slammed behind me, no key, no shirt, no shoes...

Got the maid to unlock the door, walked in and the people whose room it was were still in bed... as you say, gone in 60 seconds


OUTSTANDING!!! These stories made my day.

Fred Sobotka

When I attend IOD next month, I will do what I can to help by placing a sign on my hotel room door that says "Not Jeff's Room"

JP Harris

Birmingham, AL. The person at the front desk was having a problem getting my reservation up and my room assigned but it was late at night; I was grumpy. Just give me my key and point me toward the elevator, please!

Up and down the hall. Key worked (my theory on the keys not working is that they recycle them too much and the mag stripes are damaged). Open the door and walk in on some poor guy, laying on theh bed with his shirt off watching TV and chilling after his day. I was gone in about 5 seconds.

Warning to all travelers. Always flip the mechanical bar across on your door. I've had too many people walk in on me in hotels. NY, DC and a few other places. If you think you have privacy behind that door you're fooling yourself.


Sounds funny. And definitely something that would happen to me, knowing my bad experiences with hotal stays. Amazing how something as simple as getting the right key to the right room can be such a chore for hotal staff.

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