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November 16, 2007


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Patrick Mueller

I assume you didn't get a chance to check out any MicroTonal Madness? Allegedly.

Jim Harper

I find this incoherent: "One of the freedoms we have is the freedom to knowingly bend or break a law."

Laws against scalping curtail your freedom, pure and simple. Scalping tickets anyway is an exercise of your natural right to buy and sell things you own, but it puts you at risk of fines or jail. You wouldn't say that paying fines or going to jail is a "freedom," would you? There is no "freedom to bend or break a law."

Fred Salas

I am going to their concert tomorrow night 11/20 in Los Angeles.

I enjoyed reading about your success in finding a ticket scalper and a ticket...until you said "Deal!"

Negotiating with a ticket scalper is a frequent occurence in the secondary ticket market and I have no doubt you could have picked up that ticket for considerably less.

By the way, anti-scalping laws were lifted in New York in May of this year, so your act of purchasing was perfectly legal.

Check out my book at for countless ways to purchase tickets at hefty discounts.



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I once had a party of six but only four tickets for a Prom (BBC classical concert in London Englandland). So I asked one tout (UK Engl for scalper) how much to buy and another how much to sell. Fourfold difference :-)


Jeff - we're bleeding to death here! The UK tax authorities just lost 25m records (worth up to £1.5bn on the black market here, or umpteen gadzillion of the sadly deflated "dollars" US). And you're buying tickets to something called van Halen for those same measly $US which wont even get you into a tourist attraction in India! We've just had our ChoicePoint/TKMaxx moment. Tell us guru, what should we do?


Hi..just stopping by to say a Happy New Year...interesting post there, and i've bookmarked this blog too...keep up the good job ;)

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