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February 21, 2008


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Alexandre Queiroz

Hi Jeff,

I definitely agree with you. However, when you mention "Next generation, real-world aware systems are going to FIRST apply inbound transactions (i.e., pixels) to earlier observations in order to construct context (i.e., pictures)...."
Is it not already happening?? CEP (Complex event processing) engines applying queries on real-time and historical data to find context and relevance.

P.S I really like your blog, you should blog more -:) I know time is a constraint..but....

Sarven Capadisli

or Quantum leaps will come from Quantum computing ;)

On Digital computing, "meaningful" representation for data is the best way forward.

Sreenath Chary

Excellent short article! Very insightful. One question....Context is something that is defined by us as humans. How can we determine context automatically by software, even if we are analysing a stream of data....past and current? Cheers,

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