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February 29, 2008


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Michigan Accident Attorney

Amazing story, especially the part about the disapearing hero. I bet it changed your perspective on a few things....


Wow! That a was a great story. Did you get to see his face? Do you remember?


Jeff, I'm coming at this totally cold; found you while researching Gen. Patton's car wreck and broken neck cause my dad just got one falling over his stairs. He didn't have all these problems but just makes me feel possibly how unusual that was after reading yours and some of your commenters stories. Dad just got up and walked back in his house - complained of neck pain 3 weeks later they found his break then put him in C-collar; said would have put in halo but did I mention he's 92 so they wouldn't. But I just think what if he'd been in your situation and couldn't have gotten up? I shudder - nobody saw it happen. Someone made a comment about your visitor - not to say - but I do believe God does sometimes send angels - maybe he would have or maybe he did - is that how dad got up? either way great to know about your full recovery!


Blessings happen everyday, and everyday is a blessings!
You were touched by an Angel.

You have been given a gift to share your event. Nothing happens by accident. Events happen to each and everyone of us. Thank you for sharing your experience. :)

Melanie Mosselmans

I also was in a car crash, in the passenger seat, an old alfa romeo with no air bags. The driver was going far too fast and so we never went round a sharp corner we just rolled back into a ditch and then bounced back onto the road and went into a tree on the other side. As often the case, I now know, the driver was fine but for me I took the full brunt of the tree. I sat there very still somehow knowing that something was very wrong . However I wiggled my toes and hands but I did not dare move. Then an off duty fireman came by and opened my door and undid my seat belt. He asked if I could get out of the car and I said yes. He then said he had to rush off to unplug the battery otherwise the car could explode. At this point I thought I must summon every bone, tissue everything in my body to move and I got out of the car. I kept complaining that my neck hurt but the driver was more worried about loosing his license so I was rushed off to the cricket club house. No ambulance called, no police nothing. Later on I went the A & E but they said they had too many heart patients and could not see me until after midnight. So I returned to London. Anyway to cut a long story short, after 9 1/2 years finally they spotted what the biggest problem was, not the fragmented C5 to C8, the compacted jaw bone where fragments actually came out of my gums later on in time, but it was a C2/C3 fracture 8mm wide. I had it operated on at Kings College (David Bell) at the end of November last year. The spasms have gone and I feel more confident with walking. It feels like a miracle happened. I still have pins & needles but that is nothing in comparison to how it was. The pain was terrible but it has now reduced from being 9/10 to about 4/10.


I'm so glad you lived to tell the tale! I guess the guy who saved you was a paramedic, and he only saw it as his duty, nothing more. But I'm so grateful people like him exist. I sure hope I'm able to help someone in need, though I'm not trained in first aid. But I hope I'm able to help in such a situation.

Jeff Jonas

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