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April 17, 2008


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Sacha du Plessis

Hi Jeff

Just thought I would drop you a mail to say thanks for the "heads up" on the hygiene problem. I am thinking of launching "Mango Lube" as I usually chafe very badly, but the mango really did the trick this year!

It was great running with you, I had a superb day and will definitely be back again next year.




LOL about your Freudian typo of 'scaring' instead of 'scarring' ! I hope your gf is not permanently scared, too. ;-p

One year I watched a men's heat in the wildflower tri chase a buoy that had broken loose from its anchor. It was quite entertaining ... from the shore, that is.



I remember the first time I saw a male member of my family with nipple rash - it was my older brother who had worn a cotton T-shirt on a long run in the rain. It was absolutely disgusting. He had blood all over his t-shirt. eugh!



I've never participated in any triathlons before, but I'e always heard stories from my friends who joined these events. I must say your recall of the experience and event is amazing, and I really enjoyed reading through your post.

More power!!!

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