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September 25, 2008


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Sreenath Chary

On Point 2....wouldn't this be an excellent method to get aditional budget to staff appropriately, instead of suppressing the alarms? In most organisations, if there are no alarms identified, no additional money will be spent assuming that nothing needs to be done!!

On point 3......if a human resolves a false-negative/positive by asking for additional data (for example you gave the search for middle name as concluding proof), why don't systems include all the logical steps one would take to resolve an alarm and the one's that come out of this filter would be only those where a) Additional Data was unavailable to the application to get b) Additional data was inconclusive and no new rules have been coded to handle this or c) no logical rules have been coded to handle automatic examination of an alarm...and hence has to be done using human-intuition?

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