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April 20, 2009


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Brian Benz

Good too hear you made it!

Re driving on the left - I learned a trick many years ago - try not to think in terms of left and right, but relationally. Just remember that you, as the driver, have to be situated nearest to the center line of the road. If you look out your driver's side window see the center line, you're OK, otherwise you're probably in trouble....Very handy for coming off one way streets, highway exit ramps, etc.

Once you've got that mastered, the hardest thing is the wipers where the turn signals should be.

Mike Kim

I came across your blog since I'm looking at doing the Port Macquarie IM in 2010 (if offered - I didn't see '10 registration up on web yet). I'd love to get more thoughts on the race and logistics if you don't mind. Thanks.

Also, very cool how you have completed several IM around the world. I'm looking at doing several international ones too (I'm in LA).

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