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August 16, 2009


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Patrick Murphy

I suggest that humans are not likely to give up their sense of spontanaity to satisfy a space-time pattern-monitor/lord. The cart doesn't have the power to lead the horse even if it was smart enough to do so. I.e. the posture of law-enforcement gets its very "punch" from the random-loving "cells" it is called to protect. It is well, when reading potentials, to not forget the energetics involved.


Great post. What third party companies are you referring to? Sense Networks? I know operators are very quiet about their work with companies like this so info about it is not easy to find.

Regarding ideas in the area of privacy and policy tech, I suggest looking at the work done on Personal Data Store, e.g. Project Nori, Higgins Project, and the Personal Data Ecosystem community.

Susan Gray

Thanks for sharing such an informative and insightful article to read, it was especially interesting to me to read about Latitude, as I am only slightly familiar with it.

Mike Shubbuck

Seven years later and this post remains relevant to users today. If anything, those who hold the keys to our information know how to encourage users to share their space time data more freely in exchange for a free drink (to use Starbucks as an example).

Besides buying temporary burner phones or owning location specific phones that you only use there, have any solutions appeared for shielding our data?

Great post, Jeff!

Jeff Jonas

And then this:

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