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November 21, 2010


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John Lewis


Spot on!

As we discussed, the need for business intelligence in corporate America alone is a huge opportunity, and when you transcend that need into Government and other applications, it is not just game changing, but it can change lives.

As an example, we're working on a project to help locate families of children who's parents have defaulted on them. The gathering of data from multiple sources that's placed into our database and sorted by our algorithms will help child support advocates find the best match for that child within seconds, and that will immediately change the child's life for the better.

Thanks again for your time and help, and I hope you have a happy Pavo !

John Lewis


you used comic sans! oh no!

Matthew Cornell

Thanks for the great article, Jeff. FYI I referenced you in my take on how the data deluge might affect the emerging personal experimenting and self-tracking trend: The Big Bucket Personal Informatics Data Model -

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