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February 14, 2011


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Wow kudos if you've developed a real-time big data analytic sensemaking engine with baked in privacy and civil liberties enhancing technologies .


Nice one.
None of us can outrun our memories and with work like this there's no need to.
Happy futures and all the very best.

frederik Kortbaek

Congratulations with your efforts and contributions to PbD.

Joe Harris

You can give us a hook like that and then leave out any mention of the product name!

Even if you want others to adopt PbD they need to know who they'll be compared to.




Very impressive Jeff -- certainly meshes well with my philosophy. When governance fails, innovation must prevail! -- Best, MM

Ian Story

I have to wonder if all the PbD in the technology will actually make it less appealing/marketable? For instance, I'm sure there are big agencies that have some information about me, and that through some system, I am screened to see if I'm allowed to fly...but I don't think they want to tell me I'm being screened, or what information they have on me...nor do I necessarily want to know (although I probably should, I kind of don't want to think about the fact that I may be constantly being evaluated as to whether or not I'm a terrorist).

If such things are built in, it seems like you'd have to allow them to be turned off (thus defeating the purpose) or at least not to notify those in the otherwise, how would do their thing without constantly alerting everyone in the world...even if it was opt-in for notification, so then the badguys opt-in (and you have no way to know for sure that they're badguys, unless you then decide not to notify people that you consider bad guys)...I dunno, but as usual, a thought provoking post.

PS - I have only had one truly great day at IBM, that would be late last year when I was hired...but more to come!

PPS - Watson FTW! :)

alan huffman

Is this a product? Will it be commercially available, open source, etc...?



Great work with multiple applications in and out of government. It also serves to validate the Importance of it's individual components for those of us working in related areas. Congratulations, Jeff!

Álvaro Del Hoyo


Any developments regarding data erasure, or data cancellation?

Any further progress needed considering right of oblivion, right to be forgotten? It could impact mainly all features, but specially 2 and 3.

Very interesting post.



Mike Barretta

Given the ability to correlate large, anonymous datasets (specifically referencing the Netflix / IMDB correlation --, do you think "Privacy by Design" systems can counter this attack?

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