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February 14, 2011


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Stephan Engberg

Hi Jeff.

Nice to see you are on the track to asking the questions related to privacy and security.

But I politely would point out a very simple problem in your presentation. You assume linking non-related databases using reuse of identifiers. This is a fundamental flaw representing both a failure by design in the source systems and in the data analysis.

The solution is empowering the Citizen - give them the tools to mange these interconnections and eliminate the problem at source.

Cloud BI simply should not be able to correlate multiple transactions with the same user/device unless they are explicity joined as the same logical context.

Yes, I say "able to" instead of "allowed with consent" - data will find data if the link is there, so the only sustainable way to secure a cloud/internet of things-world is through logical isolation @ source.

This also push the root problem upstream to user-centric person/device identity management where the Failure by Design is originating. The question is not what e.g. Google is allowed to do(legal compliance), but what Google CAN do (technical security and allignment according to the value chains).

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