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November 11, 2011


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Skip Snow

Could a low cost 'crowd' be of help in adjudicating the marginal cases in a system such as you describe. My experience with record matching with low fidelity systems is that it is never sufficient. Do you have success stories that negate my experience? Thanks so much in advance.

Jamie Roots

Jeff, thanks for a really thought-provoking post.

You contrast "owned and controlled" internal data with uncontrolled external data, and observe that MDM is a tool used in achieving control, and therefore complementary to SenseMaking. However, some organisations find themselves unable to achieve the level of control you assert ("so reliable that its assertions are treated as fact"), perhaps because they find the cost of doing so too high, or struggle to implement the necessary disciplines.

Do you have a view on the potential role of SenseMaking as an alternative approach in treating "owned but not successfully controlled" data?

Garry Thomos

Thanks for sharing such an insightful & comprehensively explained post on MDM vs Sensemaking. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post...Great share!

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