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January 28, 2012


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Chris Ensey


Congrats! I am so glad to hear this idea is taking flight. It was really great to be at IBM while you were conjuring up this vision.


Chris Ensey

Damien Anderson

Completely awesome Jeff and team! Geospatial time in conjunction with these pieces may start to reveal attributes of causation for the sensemaking/correlative functions.

David LaPlante

Wow, Jeff. Just wow. So stoked for you and what you're up to. This is amazing stuff. And I love how you can write so simply about topic. I had my kids read this and they totally understood it. That is equally amazing.

Can't wait to hear the next update!


I use multiple social networks and for privacy reasons do not want all my private data, including date of birth, cullable from these sites. So I end with with putting a date that might or might not be my real birth date when I register with these various sites. I suspect many might follow the same. So birth dates as with everything has also to be looked in context of their source or origination.

Curious Ellie

Congratulations, Jeff. I wondered what happened with G2, as I read your initial post about it, while it was in "stealth" mode.

The previous comment, left by bala, is of course correct. I do the same thing, mostly out of vanity. But fraud is an exogenous influence, and there are methods devoted to detecting it. Whether they can be smoothly integrated into G2 is not clear, and in some ways, not relevant for the moment.

The real purpose for my comment is because I am having difficulty with your TypePad set-up. I have tried on several occasions to click the link "Add me to your TypePad people list" but received error messages. I sent a bug report to TypePad support, no response. You don't know me, I am a former IBM employee, but that shouldn't be relevant (I assume I am not blocked). Thinking aloud here: Unless you don't want to be on anyone's TypePad people list... in which case you shouldn't offer the option at all! No, that wouldn't make sense. The link is in the left sidebar, toward the end. (FeedBlitz is a cool new alternative to FeedBurner, I noticed that you use that here. Idealab is so prolific!)

P.S. I am not a Facebook user, but I suspect there is a problem with that button too. It shows the API key on hover, which isn't typical. Most important of all, it does not indicate that anyone has chosen to be your "fan" on Facebook. That seems highly unlikely! This is an excellent blog, particularly the entries about data security and information sharing! I would be your fan if I used Facebook!


Jeff, I'm writing a PhD on Sensemaking of Bigdata among other things - just wanted to say hi. and suggest if you've connected G2 to Open Mind Common Sense or something similar.

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