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November 21, 2013


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Ian Story

Hey Jeff, great post as usual (but has been a while, you must be busy on a G3 or something ;). Something that hit me as I read this, not exactly what you described, but worth sharing, doing recognition of things in unstructured data is something we do in enterprise content management (with things like IBM Content Analytics), and we showed off some cool tech at IOD this year (every time I saw you, you were with other folks so I didn't interrupt you), you can see it here, skip ahead to around 46 minutes in and watch for a couple of minutes, some pretty cool stuff in there, especially for "normal folks" to use (certain government agencies have had this sort of thing, and more, for a I've heard :) - - fun stuff.


"Unfortunately, getting high quality features extracted from unstructured observations – at scale without humans – is easier said than done." But certainly being done better by some than others such as our friends at the NSA.

Great to see you blogging again after so long.

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