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January 13, 2014


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Bold thinking Jeff !
I suspect the tide of change within conventional thinking, would take decades to for government policies to change.its a shame that policy and implementation can't react as expeditiously as business.
Cheers to the white hat gentlemen that have secured their capabilities within such a bureaucratic entanglement, they will live long and prosper.
To those that challenge the conventional paths, cheers to you , may the force be with you! We draw upon it daily!


Interesting but why should taxpayers fund the security analysis of private companies?

Brian Layton

Jeff - interesting - but I think your ideas were the genesis of the NSA-CYBERCOM being run by the same individual. Your white hat concepts seem best for CYBERCOM half.
As you mentioned - it seems there is a natural tension between the two organizations but how does the US Government ensure the collaboration between the two.

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